The Pillow Fort has now closed.

For 3 1/2 years The Pillow Fort has been on a mission to make chronic illness suck less for youngish people through positivity and fun. The Pillow Fort became something bigger than myself, and it’s been a wonderful journey to lead that. I’m incredibly proud of everything I achieved with it.

But now the time has come for me to turn my attention elsewhere (primarily on my online business strategy + tech business). My health has improved significantly over the past few years and I’m no longer in a position to (want to) talk about, think about, and engage with chronic illness on a daily basis. It’s time for new voices to come forward and support/lead/encourage the chronic illness community. It has been a true honour to serve the community through a blog, products, a digital magazine, online parties, and most importantly, the Pillow Fighters Club, over the past few years.

The Etsy shop will remain open for the time being. The website as you see it, including the blog, will also remain here as I think there’s some useful resources, and I don’t want to just delete that.
The Pillow Fighters Club facebook group will also continue, but will no longer be associated with The Pillow Fort.

If you’ve got any questions or want to contact me, you can email me at elizabethgoddard[at]

Love and spoons,