What’s the obsession with spoons?! Let me tell you about Spoon Theory…

The Spoon Theory

You may be wondering why there’s spoons all over this site…

The Spoon Theory

How about a spoons in glass jar necklace, a spoons zipper pull or an engraved teaspoon?

the spoon theory spoonie

Many people with chronic illnesses, particularly those with a fatigue element, are very fond of Christine Miserandino’s Spoon Theory. The Spoon Theory effectively explains what it’s like to live with a chronic illness such as CFS/ME, fibromyalgia or lupus, to name but a few.

The Spoon Theory has been embraced by many in the chronic illness ‘world’, with lots of people affectionately referring to themselves as ‘Spoonies’. Just search ‘spoonies’ on twitter, facebook or tumblr and you’ll find a whole host of people talking about life with chronic illness. In addition, you’ll often find people talking about being ‘out of spoons’ or wishing others ‘an abundance of spoons’. It’s almost like a secret language and has definitely far exceeded its original purpose.

However, if you’re new to The Spoon Theory, I should perhaps add that it’s not without its critiques, from the pervasiveness of its use, to the limitations of the analogy. Some people prefer to use the analogy of money for health (e.g. you can save up, go into debt, have a salary, etc). Before I came across Spoon Theory, I always used to refer to my ‘energy marbles’ and would always talk about having ‘lost all my marbles’! Another increasingly popular one is The Gorilla in Your House analogy

So there you go, that’s Spoon Theory and why the chronic illness world is so obsessed with spoons.

Do you like Spoon Theory, or do you use a different analogy to explain your chronic illness(es)?