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Turning Pain into Joy and Hope, for Children

Note from Lizzy: This is a guest post from Elizabeth Christy (Potomac Falls Mama). Whilst many of you reading this, like myself, won't be parents yet, I'm sure this is an issue that's crossed your mind about for future.  The children of people with invisible illness suffer quietly.  As soon as my son, now 3.5, began to communicate, I tried to explain, in words that he could understand, why mommy was unable to play as much as he wanted me to, why I couldn’t stay awake longer than a few hours, and why I grimaced and cried from pain so frequently.  How can one explain to a young child, when this is his “normal," that I wish things could be different for him? That he has done nothing wrong when I am crying.  Such complex and mature concepts are difficult for children to understand; so he often left conversations feeling sad and confused. (more…)

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