Review: Chronically Badass: A Guide for the Young & Chronically Ill

Chronically Badass review

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Chronically Badass: A Guide for the Young & Chronically Ill by Diane Murray

Chronically BadassAs an active tumblr user, I have seen a post about a zine called “Chronically Badass”. I liked it, reblogged/boosted it, but never got around to reading it. Which I now regret greatly.

This short zine is easily readable, covers a variety of extremely important topics, and does so in a way that puts the reader at great ease.

When someone is new to the chronic illness community, or newly diagnosed, they tend to face a wave of overwhelming information which leads to feelings of not knowing where to go or how to get there. They even face a large wall of misinformation, a position I was in last year.

One of the most important sections I feel is on mental health. Despite the chronically ill community/disabled community being strong and tight knit, stigma still makes its way in. Mental illness is rarely spoken about, let alone mental wellness and care options. To get this information in the hands of young, newly diagnosed people is so very important. After all, our mental health matters as much as our physical health!

Chronically Badass provides vital information in a clean, creative, and passionate way. It is broken down into twelve sections. Spanning from a wonderfully written “Welcome” to a vitally important section titled “Working With Doctors”, in which you are given the tools and knowhow on how to spot a good and/or bad doctor, and how to use your knowledge to better your care. Also, something I hardly ever see, a section about mobility aids. And to see it written so beautifully constructed here was an amazing privilege.

Whether you’re a new or veteran spoonie, I suggest making this a top read. Actually, mark it as “need to read”. Information that was shared through this zine not only put me at ease, but gave me back a sense of control I felt I’ve lost over the year. I feel as though this is a trend that will continue with each and every read. Share with your family and friends, and keep one close for yourself just in case you need another walkthrough, or even a simple sense of comfort.

Dianne Murray has created a medium in which all chronically ill/disabled people can come together and gain either more knowledge, or step in for a refresher. The trend this writer has provided contributes to the accessible, free, vital information so many of us need to live a safer life, while also caring for our mental health.

I feel as though anyone, at any age or stage in illness/disability, can use this zine. The read has led me to embrace my own individuality and how I face my illnesses/disabilities. It reminds us all we are very different, and that is just fine. What matters is that we all have the tools to continue bringing ourselves upfront as a priority – something many of us forget.

Murray has brought together information, illustration, and comfort in a way I never thought a zine could. A bright individual who took the time to construct and promote the zine has, quite easily, given others a new feeling of empowerment, decrease in fears, and an increase in shameless self love.

This is a must read. And quite honestly, I hope we hear from Murray again soon!

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