The Pillow Fort Chronic Illness Christmas Gift Guide

Whether you’re buying a present for friends/family, or just looking to treat yourself, The Pillow Fort has something for everyone this Holiday Season!

We ship worldwide, and whilst we can’t promise international orders will be with you by Christmas Day, if you get your skates on there’s a very good chance.

The Classic Gift

spoons in glass jar necklace

The Spoons in Glass Jar Necklace, and its Keyring relative, are hands down the most popular item here at The Pillow Fort. At only £7.99 and £6,99 respectively, they’re not only affordable but also ridiculously quirky and cute!

These are such a great conversation starter for invisible illnesses and are being loved by Spoonies the world over!

Never be caught out without a few extra spoons!



So many of us have grown to become irrationally obsessed with spoons, and they make the perfect gift to show you understand and care about someone else’s invisible illness. Here at The Pillow Fort we have spoons on pretty much every type of product you could imagine! (Click the picture to be taken to the product).

green spoon charm neclace spoonie zipper pull 2014-11-26 11.11.16 one more spoon engraved teaspoon P1040139 sn3


Snug and Cosy Gifts

Winter can be an especially hard time of year for those of us with chronic illness. The cold and bleak weather can easily affect our health and spirits. The Pillow Fort has lots of warm and cosy items to curl up with and forget about the outside world.

pillow friends deerknitted owl hand warmers cozy hottie monkey pink with purple dots cosy socks  snuggle me hottie owl


Clothing Gifts

Ya’know how it is… people with chronic illness spend a lot of time in bed, you might at least look good whilst you’re there! We sell super soft t-shirts, PJ bottoms and boxers – perfect for adding a little fun to bed life!

If you’re ordering clothes before Christmas, please make sure you do so by 12pm GMT Thursday 28th November to ensure you’re in the ‘batch order’ before Christmas! 

spoonie t-shirt top spoonie PJ bottoms spoonie boxers shorts

Let’s Get Sticky!

chronic illness spoonie stickers We’ve got two main types of stickers: tiny ones and  reminder ones.

Both are fun, but practical ways to remind you to be positive and take care of yourself.



The Quirky Gift

reiki healing energy bag

This is actually one of my favourite products that I sell at The Pillow Fort!

“Ravita Reiki ‘Energy Bags’ are pouches infused with positivity and intent for any constructive purpose.

Every bag is unique. Inside each are tiny crystals programmed with Reiki as well as various carefully selected materials and written affirmations to better facilitate intent.

The bags can be placed anywhere. Under the seat in the car, in a drawer or somewhere in the house, inside of your pocket, as a necklace, anywhere you wish.”

If you’ve got a slightly more ‘woo-woo’ friend who talks about intention, energy and the Universe a lot – this might be the perfect quirky gift for them!


Getting ready for the New Year

If you’re determined that 2015 is going to be your best, happiest year yet, then I highly recommend you take a look at the Happi Empire products we stock. No matter what your intention (health, gratitude, self-care, happiness), the Happi Empire creates utterly beautiful products to help. Due to their exceptionally high quality design and finish, any of these would make treasured gifts.

create your dreams pad  happi cards  gratitude journal


The Simplest Gift

the pillow fort gift voucherToo much choice? Don’t know what your friend would like?

Buy them a Gift Voucher!

For a limited time, until 24th December, all gift vouchers cost 15% less than their value!

Please note you cannot use this offer to buy a gift voucher for yourself. 


There you have it, my top recommendations for gifts and treats in The Pillow Fort Shop this Holiday Season!
Leave us a comment and let us know your favourite product in The Pillow Fort Shop and what’s on your Christmas Wish List this year!