The Pillow Fort is One Year Old! (+ Pay What You Can Magazine Sale)

Tomorrow, 29th December, The Pillow Fort is officially one year old!

I want to make The Pillow Fort goodness as accessible to as many people as possible, so to celebrate, for 3 days only, 

I’m holding a Pay What You Can* sale on the magazine.

Magazine Offer ends 11.59pm on Sunday 30th November.

*minimum £1 per issue

Pay What You Can

Key facts and milestones of the last year:

spoons in glass jar necklace– 4365 tweets

– 721 Pillow Fighters

– 655 magazines sold

– 152 shop orders

– 87 spoons in glass jar necklaces and keyrings

– 44 blog posts, with 14 guest posts and 4 reviews

– 5 magazine issues

– 3 downloadable freebies

– Featured on/interviewed by/wrote for numerous other websites including: BBC, Conquering Fear Spiritually, Grace Quantock, Positivity in Pain, Ramblings of a Jaffa CatGray Matters More, Stateless Diplomat, and many more.

Screenshot 2014-06-06 09.42.45     Screenshot 2014-02-26 09.58.38


And slightly more personal achievements that have just so happened in the last year:

– Worked with a holistic health coach, Ashley Williams, and my health is better than it’s been in years.

– Invested in 3 big business courses: B-School, Uncage Your Business and Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp, along with loads of little things.

– Spoke at Common Purpose Frontrunner Leadership Course for Disabled Students about The Pillow Fort and leadership.


It’s been a truly incredible year for me, both personally and with The Pillow Fort. I’m so grateful and overwhelmed every. single. day. for how much support and love I receive for doing this. Having a vision of how things can be, and then making that a reality with thousands of other people worldwide is such a huge honour. My 2014 Review post is still come, and I’m in a place right now where I don’t have many concrete plans for the future. But one thing I do know is that The Pillow Fort is here to stay.

This isn’t about me. This has never been about me.

It’s about you, and the incredible, life changing community and movement of positivity in the face of chronic illness that we’re growing together.