2014 Roundup: Did I complete my goals?

This blog post is part of a series of 2014 Roundup posts coming at you in December.

I think taking time to review and reflect is really important’; both for consciously creating your future, but also celebrating just how far you’ve come.

On the 29th December 2013, I wrote a long blog post detailing all my goals for 2014.

There’s a blog post to follow about all the awesome stuff I did do in 2014, much of which wasn’t actually on this list.

But before I start planning for 2015, I want to review and assess which goals for 2014 didn’t happen and why.

In hindsight I think I was a bit overambitious (having just discovered the world of planners!), and reigning my goals in a bit for 2015 is definitely necessary.

* I did have more plans than this, but some I didn’t really want to share with the whole world, ya’know?*


1. Introduce a morning routine which involves not checking email/facebook/twitter/Instagram/Wordfeud in bed on my phone. Do some things before the laptop gets turned on.

There were definitely long periods (maybe even months at a time) where this happened – but overall, not so much. 

2. Better establish an evening routine. Laptop off an hour or so before I intend to sleep.

Again, it did happen for several long periods, but I’ve never maintained it. 

3. Meditate most days (preferably morning). 

I’ve probably meditated (on average) about once a week in 2014 – which is pretty good going! I think I’ve changed my relationship to meditation though, and what it means to me, so I think I’m in general much more meditative this year, even if that weren’t in guided meditations. 

4. Unsubscribe from as many newsletters and junk emails as possible

I’ve unsubscribed from LOADS, but probably subscribed to equal numbers more. Sigh. Never ending cycle! 

5. Volunteer once a week at Nottingham Women’s Centre

With the exception of a couple of months in Autumn – I totally did this! And I increased the length from 2 to 4 hours! 

6. Continue Best Things Diary/Gratitude Diary most days

I did this until about July, and then my diary ran out, and I didn’t get a new one. I briefly used an app on my phone. Determined to do this again in 2015 though because looking back on it is my favourite thing ever! 

7. Try and do 10+ minutes of gentle exercise most days. 

Some weeks/months I exercised most days, and then some weeks/months I did virtually nothing. This will no doubt continue to be a goal in 2015 though. 

8. Sort out my sleep and stick to a schedule as much as possible

To be honest, this has actually largely happened. I go to sleep between 10 and 11pm, and wake up (naturally) between about 7.30 and 8.30am. 

9. Read more (goal is 10 books for the year, which should be manageable).

Smashed this goal! So far, I’ve read 23 books this year. Admittedly some were shorter ebooks, but I’m generally really pleased with how much I’ve upped my reading this year! Only one of these books was fiction though – so that’s something to consider for 2015 reading!

10. Check email only twice a day

Hahaha, no chance!

11. Write card/letter every fortnight

 Nah, not sure I even wrote one all year 🙁 

Physical/Mental Health + Spirituality

1. Try flotation tank

Did this! Intended to write a blog post about it, but never quite got around to it. It was weird and I’m not sure I enjoyed it all that much. 

2. Massage every 3 months

I’ve had maybe 2 massages this year? So didn’t manage this. I’ve done other important self-care things though, so I don’t mind too much.

3. Have reiki every 3 months

Hmm, if I include distance reiki, I’ve probably actually managed this! I’ve had it in-person twice, and distance three times. 

4. Get attuned to reiki level 1

I did this in January, but it was a distance attunment. I really want to learn more about reiki/energy healing, so this is definitely going to reappear as a 2015 goal. 

5. Invest (time/money) in developing myself/skills. Don’t just spend money on superficial things.

I think overall, yeah, I’ve done pretty well with money spending this year. Need to make sure that investing in myself/skills is also a good investment though. I’ve turned into a bit of a course/personal development junkie! 

10665576_284407148417018_1948172839_n6. Reduce electrical/technology in my bedroom and see if it improves my sleep/health

Since getting my own office in September, there’s now LOADS less electricals in my bedroom – which I think has improved my sleep – yay!

7. Work towards coming off all medicine (this is huge and probably not achievable, but it is my end goal!)

I’ve done this! I’ve actually done this! For more info on the whys and hows, check out this blog post on my best 3 investments of 2014

8. Have bedroom clean and calming/clutter-free

Nahh. Now my girlfriend has officially moved in, we’re fighting a losing battle on keeping it tidy! 

9. Spend a week technology free

Not entirely, but I came relatively close in Tenerife (minus the Bubble Witch addiction on my phone). 

10. Have Internet free weekends every month

Not even close. But the few we did have were bliss! 

11. Learn more about feng shui

Bought some books… but not read them! 

12. Work with someone (life coachy perhaps – the dream is Tara Bliss!)

There was a couple of months at the start of the year where I was just manifesting life coach sessions left, right and centre! Check out my blog post on my best 3 investments of 2014 for all the deets on working with Ashley Williams and Rebecca Tracey

13. Bake/cook something new at least once a month

I’ve baked and cooked loads in 2014, and it probably averaged monthly. If I’ve got the energy for it, I quite enjoy cooking ‘proper meals’. 

14. Do something creative at least once a month

This didn’t happen – but that’s okay.

15. Learn to dance (like Strictly type dancing)

For Christmas 2013, I bought my girlfriend a voucher for a dancing lesson. We finally went in November and it was lots of (very tiring) fun!

16. Play around with oracle/tarot cards

I’ve really enjoyed playing with oracle cards this year, and will definitely continue next year. Occasionally I’ll do free readings in the Pillow Fighters Club which are well received.

17. Learn more about crystal healing

My crystal collection has grown significantly this year and I’ve also bought a couple of books on them.

crystals chronic illness crystal grid chronic illness

18. Long list of courses/things I’d like to work through including: Goddess Haven, 10 Day Declutter, The Comparison Cure, Courageous Living Program, At Home Yoga Retreat, SEO Training, From Idea to Ebook, 33 Challenge, 21 Days of Abundance, The Declaration of You, Momentum Kickstarter, Build A Framework, Get Unstuck, Business Goddess and more! I’ve acquired so many amazing resources this year and I need to start implementing them!

I’m not sure I’ve actually done any of these! In 2013 I discovered the world of lifestyle design and online courses. I got a bit carried away.

Come off Employment and Support Allowance (basically make some money!)

Coming off Employment and Support Allowance (disability benefits) was one of my big goals in 2014. It happened in September when I got a part time job. I actually then quit that part time job, but have managed to stay off benefits since and juuust about financially support myself – yay! 

1. Increase distro takings by 150%.

Done this almost exactly! 

2. Write an ebook

Didn’t happen. Well, I wrote about 60% of an ebook, but it’s not finished or out in the world. 

3. Devise an e-course

Again, nope. But that’s okay. 

4. Write 10 blog posts. (I’m planning to write at least 52… but the goal is 10!)

I think I’ve written 10 myself? I’m lucky enough to have lots of wonderful guest bloggers <3

5. Design a website. Maybe paid, maybe not. I’d like to improve my skills in this area, to the point where I could potentially make websites for people professionally.

Was just about to write that I didn’t do this, but then remembered I did! I created Vote Fran for my friend running in an election.

6. The Pillow Fort mailing every month.

It’s not been consistent, but there’s been a mailing at least monthly! 

7. Write 6 guest blog posts.

Erm… not including posts I was interviewed for… I don’t think I’ve managed this? But I should probably keep better records! 

8. Create 12 new products for The Pillow Fort (physical, online, whatever).

5 issues of The Pillow Fort Magazine and several new spoons in glass jar items. Doesn’t equal 12 though. 

9. Produce 3 issues of The Pillow Fort magazine.

Yes! 5 issues of The Pillow Fort Magazine were published this year! But sadly it’s going on indefinite hiatus (and back issues off sale) from 1st January 2015. Read more about there. 


1. Watch all of Buffy.

I haven’t watched any Buffy. But I have watched 9 out of 10 seasons of Friends! 

2. Back up phone.

Eeek – nope! 

3. Go through notes on kindle.

Again, sadly this hasn’t happened. I think I need to set aside a week for boring life admin in this category. 

4. Organise laptop files/folders

Not as extensively as I’d like. 

5. Write for Wild Sister magazine


6. Write for Spill The Zines


7. Try out Nottingham WI

Nope – but perhaps that’s because other stuff appeared that I wanted to do more? 

8. Go away for 2+ nights with girlfriend

We had a lovely caravan holiday for 3 nights in May!

9. Go on holiday with girlfriend

Big 9 night holiday to Tenerife! 

2014-07-30 21.28.3210 Stay with Aunt in France

Not even close… I don’t think I’ve actually spoken to my Aunt all year. I’ve never come out to her though, so it’s a bit weird/awkward with the whole girlfriend thing! 

11. Go to Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

Yep! It was fantastic –>

12. Go to a roller disco

I think I actually went in the last few days of 2014 – so I’m going to count it!

13. Go to bingo

Went with my girlfriend’s home friend and his fiancee – lots of fun! 

14. Get my eyebrows threaded

Did this! Was actually pretty pleased with results. 

15. Put colour in my hair

Didn’t happen. This never seems to happen as much as I want to do it! 

Really, super big dream that probably won’t happen

1. Attend B-School

This actually happened!

So there you have it… 2014 was the first year I’ve had broader goals for, as opposed to New Years Resolutions. I think it was overall very successful!

How did you do with your 2014 goals? Let me know in the comments!