How the permission to ‘choose again’ will change your life

permission to choose again

If you don’t yet know how much I love Gabby Bernstein, you’re missing out.

She’s a little bit more on the woo-woo side, and if you don’t vibe with that, that’s cool.

This blog post is sharing my experience of a really practical life tip that I learnt from her:

Choose Again. 

I think that the main message is really that happiness is a choice that you make and at any given moment you can choose again. You can witness that you’re on the wrong path or see that you’re choosing the wrong thoughts or experiences and it’s never too late to choose again. That’s the main underlying message for all that I teach.
Gabby Bernstein in Move Nourish Believe

What does choosing again look like?

  • Fixing yourself a nutritious meal.
  • Having a dance party for one, or even just a little shake/shrug.
  • Saying sorry when you did something out spite/resentment/unhappiness.
  • Taking a tiny step of action to get you out of a difficult situation that’s consuming you.
  • Finding a logical explanation for why your friend hasn’t texted back yet that isn’t concluding she hates you.
  • Showering on a day that just feels pointless.
  • Restarting the day. (You can absolutely do this at any time in the day, I regularly do!)
  • Instead of just pushing forward with something that you know in your hearts isn’t right, or you’re doing it out of obligation, speak honestly and openly about how you’re feeling.
  • Signing up for an online course because you want to learn a new skill.
  • A deep sigh and an internal commitment to proceeding with openness.
  • Pulling an oracle card to try and find a new solution/approach to a situation.
  • Reaching out to a friend you’ve drifted from but miss in your life.
  • Taking 10 minutes out of your day for a guided meditation.

freetochooseThe possibilities are endless. But you have to give yourself permission to choose again.

There’ll be a little voice in your head that says “what’s the point? everything is shit.” You have to ignore that, and listen to the little voice that’s saying “I wish there were a way to improve today/this situation.”

There is. It’s the power of choosing again.

Some days just suck. But you can choose again about how you respond. Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes curling up in a duvet, watching trashy tv and eating comfort food is absolutely the way to go. Oftentimes in fact. But I decide that I will choose again tomorrow. I will not let the shittyness of today spill into tomorrow. I declare my intention that tomorrow will be a good day.

Don’t get stuck in that place of miserableness long term. You have the power to choose again.

If something just on-going feels off (you know the types of things… situations, relationships, upcoming events, etc), and you feel like you’re going round in circles, try and find a way to choose again.

If you want to watch a whole hour of Gabby Bernstein doing her incredible thing, I highly recommend her talk at Wunderlust!

Have you come across this idea of choosing again before? Do you use it your daily life? I’d love to hear your thoughts/experiences in the comments!