Having a chronic illness (physical or mental) really sucks. I know this.

But, I’m an expert on thriving, and The Pillow Fort is all about sharing that positivity with you.

I ain’t advocating for any healing or recovery nonsense here… I’m just saying I genuinely believe that with a bit of positivity, life can be so much better, even if you can’t shake off those pesky chronic illnesses.

We’ve all got that friend who just moans and complains about everything, right? You feel shitty after spending time with them. The Pillow Fort is like that, but in reverse. I’m here to build you up, cheerlead you and push you just a teeny bit further than you think you can go. I don’t allow for wallowing, but I do want plenty of self-care (a much better way to deal with the ‘nope’ days anyway).


How did The Pillow Fort come to exist?

It all started when I bought a pair of microwavable slippers and a PJ top that said ‘sleep is my therapy’. I posted both on instagram and tumblr. People liked them and asked where they could buy them.


A little light bulb lit up in my head.

There should be an online shop selling cute and fun stuff for young people which chronic illnesses!

About 9 months later, The Pillow Fort opened. 

Right, ok, but who’s running this place?

That would be me, Lizzy.

And what do you know about chronic illness, eh?

I have ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, fibromyalgia and chronic migraines. I’ve had depression in the past but am in a much better place now. I understand fluctuating health. I understand fatigue. I understand certain types of pain. There’s an awful lot of chronic illnesses that I have absolutely no comprehension of, and I don’t claim to. That’s why I need you to let me know what products & services you want. You can do that right here.

GraduationElection campaigning

But what sort of person are you? What do you do? What have you done?

Hmmm… since first getting ill in 2006 I have:

me tabling my distro at an event

– got a degree

– been elected Officer in my Students’ Union

– set up a zine distro

– seen my favourite band 49.5 times in 10 countriesme and Tegan and Sara

– barely got out of bed for weeks

– fallen down the stairs multiple times due to medication side effects

I’ve had some amazing highs, and some pretty bad lows, but I’m still here, and I’m loving life more than ever. I’ve got the hang of this ‘living with chronic illness’ thing now. It doesn’t define me.

Are you going to let it define you?

I’m building a supportive community (*cough*army*cough*) of positive, young people who just happen to have chronic illness. It’s so easy to just talk about the negatives in the chronic illness community, but I’m changing that.

If you’re looking for a place that ‘gets’ the whole chronic illness/physical/mental limitations thing, but isn’t going to let you wallow in it, get yourself into the Pillow Fighters Club pronto!