Being Close to Someone With Chronic Illness

Llinos and her mum

This is a guest post by Llinos Thomas. If you’d like to write a guest post for The Pillow Fort, you can find more details here. When I was a toddler, my mum was in hospital for quite a while and my dad had to look after me on his own.  I became accustomed to my mother going to visit the doctor or going to hospital for appointments fairly regularly.  I didn't know that not all mothers did this. (more…)

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A website, a blog post & a bonus – April 2014


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Why My Mental Illnesses are Really a Blessing In Disguise

This is a guest post by wellness mentor, Kendra Kantor. If you’d like to write a guest post for The Pillow Fort, you can find more details here. When I was 13, I was diagnosed with clinical depression. That means I have chemicals in my body that don't want to work right and they cause depression. At the time, I remember telling my new therapist that I had been depressed as long as I could remember, even when I was young. At 13, I started my long journey to healing and I'm still not there. In 2013, I was diagnosed with a panic disorder (without agoraphobia). My day to day life is covered in fear and panic and sadness and longing to feel whole and healthy and happy. (more…)

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Why it’s not too late to have a Word of the Year

Do you have a Word of the Year? Or perhaps a better question is 'Did you have a Word of the Year?'? Yes? No? Not sure? You forgot? I'm here to give you permission to either create or review your Word of the Year. (more…)

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6 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

spring clean your life

It's kinda, sorta, nearly Spring here in the UK, and I wanted to share a few things I'm doing to 'Spring Clean' my life. Because I work from home, and don't have an office, I spend an awful lot of time in bedroom, looking at either my laptop or my phone. It can easily become overwhelming... which gets stressful. Hence a little Spring Clean!   (more…)

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Turning Pain into Joy and Hope, for Children

Note from Lizzy: This is a guest post from Elizabeth Christy (Potomac Falls Mama). Whilst many of you reading this, like myself, won't be parents yet, I'm sure this is an issue that's crossed your mind about for future.  The children of people with invisible illness suffer quietly.  As soon as my son, now 3.5, began to communicate, I tried to explain, in words that he could understand, why mommy was unable to play as much as he wanted me to, why I couldn’t stay awake longer than a few hours, and why I grimaced and cried from pain so frequently.  How can one explain to a young child, when this is his “normal," that I wish things could be different for him? That he has done nothing wrong when I am crying.  Such complex and mature concepts are difficult for children to understand; so he often left conversations feeling sad and confused. (more…)

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What’s all the fuss about food as medicine?

food as medicine

This is a guest post by my health coach, Ashley Williams. If you’d like to write a guest post for The Pillow Fort, get in touch!  Have you heard all the chatter about food contributing to chronic pain and illness? Are you wondering if it’s all a bunch of BS? I’d like to share my personal experience, along with some quick tidbits about foods that are known to increase pain and inflammation, (the root of so many chronic illnesses). (more…)

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A website, a blog post & a bonus – March 2014

The Pillow Fort

Welcome to a new monthly feature on The Pillow Fort: A website, a blog post & a bonus! It's pretty self explanatory really... but in the last week of each month I'll be posting an interesting website, blog post & a little something extra from my internet travels. Enjoy! (more…)

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Listen to your body, it’s never wrong.

listen to your body

Last weekend I was meant to have a stall for marching stars zine distro at Sheffield Zine Fest. I’d been looking forward to it for months and spent several hours on Friday afternoon recording, pricing and packing up my stock. I’d felt myself steadily getting more and more overwhelmed and stressed the week prior. I hadn’t meditated every day. I hadn’t exercised much.  I wasn’t sleeping so well. My head was getting full and I was feeling ‘meltdowny’. But Sheffield Zine Fest had been in the diary for months so I was doing my best to power on through. Alarm went on Saturday morning. Nope. No energy. Nothing. (more…)

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Showing the Universe I mean Business (literally and metaphorically)

The Pillow Fort - Showing the Universe I mean Business

You might have noticed a few subtle changes around here recently... a few products have gone, launch of the Pillow Fighters Club, an updated About page, a new 'New Here?' page and more. The reason? I took a course. Uncage Your Business to be precise. (more…)

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