The Pillow Fort Magazine – making chronic illness suck less

Are you fed up of reading magazines about people you just can’t relate to?

  • Do you get a little bit sad when you see ‘everyone else’ off living seemingly extravagant and adventure-filled lives?
  • Just wishing that for once people would celebrate your getting showered and dressed as the huge achievement it is?

Yeahhh, I know what you mean :/

Enter…. The Pillow Fort Magazine!

A new digital magazine exclusively for, and by, positive young people living with chronic illness. Yay!

The Pillow Fort Magazine

For £3 (approximately $3.70), you get an easily downloadable, beautifully designed, PDF copy of The Pillow Fort Magazine. You can read it on your computer or tablet, or even print it out.

 Why do you want this? Great question.

Don’t you just love it when you read something by someone that truly ‘gets it’? When they’re on your wavelength and it feels as though they’re talking directly to you about the realities of your life with chronic illness?

When I read things like that, I feel a little more supported, a little more understood, and a little better equipped to deal with life knowing I’m not the only one going through this.

The Pillow Fort Magazine is full of this support.

Think of it as a hug in a magazine form. Even better if you make yourself a nice cup of tea and tuck yourself in with a blanket as you read!

 Who am I? Why’ve I made this?

If we’ve not met before, hello, I’m Lizzy! I’m 25, live in the UK. I’ve had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for almost 9 years, with a dollop of fibromyalgia and depression a few years back. There just wasn’t anything out there for young(ish) people with chronic illness, especially not from an encouraging, positive or thriving slant. So I created The Pillow Fort. The magazine is just one element of The Pillow Fort, but it’s probably the part I’m most proud of. Collecting together, and reading through, submissions from young people all over the world, is such a huge honour, and one I take very seriously. Perhaps after reading The Pillow Fort Magazine you’ll be inspired to do a little something to make a positive change in your lives, the lives of those around you, or even the whole world!

 The cost?

£3. (Approximately $3.70 – although Paypal will handle conversion rates for you, so don’t stress about that!)

I realise that £3 is nothing to some people, and an awful lot to others.

Other things that cost around £3:

  • chronic illness positivity tea joyA fancy coffee
  • A glossy magazine full of adverts
  • A third of a takeaway meal
  • A third of a paperback book
  • Half a film/movie at the cinema
  • A pack of washi tape (for any crafters out there)

Compared to all those things, I think The Pillow Fort Magazine is pretty good value. You’re getting hours of reading content, along with countless positive ideas for little things to try out in your own life, for the price of a fancy coffee. I’ll take The Pillow Fort Magazine and a homemade cup of tea any day over that! (Honest disclaimer: I do hate coffee).

Want to try before you buy?

That’s cool, I understand. You can get a free Sampler of 9 selected pieces from the first 4 issues of The Pillow Fort Magazine here.

I want it!

I’m so glad you wanted to join The Pillow Fort Magazine readers! <3

There’s currently 5 issues…. and you can add as many to your cart as you’d like.

The Pillow Fort Magazine Issue 5

In the fifth issue of The Pillow Fort Magazine:

Loose theme: Winter

– Just some of the things inside: Surviving the Winter Blues, Reasons to Love Winter,  Why I Like Having Role Models, Illness and the Working Girl, Chronic Illness Friendly Tips On How To Make Money Virtually From Your Passions, Yoga for Immunity and more!

– 42 beautiful, individually designed pages

Only £3. (About $4.7)

I want!

The Pillow Fort Magazine

In the fourth issue of The Pillow Fort Magazine:

Theme: Thriving

This issue we’re talking thriving, not just surviving.

– Just some of the things inside: The ‘I Can Get Through Today’ Kit, Thriving in Education, Yoga for the Mind, Coconut Blueberry Surprise Doughnuts,  2 short stories and MUCH more!

– 42 beautiful, individually designed pages

Only £3. (About $4.7)


The Pillow Fort Magazine

In the third issue of The Pillow Fort Magazine:

Theme: Self-Care

– 16 submissions (articles, recipes, artwork and more).

– Just some of the things inside: An A – Z of Self Care, Exercise for Wellbeing, Fighting Back With Food, Self-Care Cocktails, an Agony Aunt and MUCH more!

– 48 beautiful, individually designed pages

Only £3. (About $4.7)


The Pillow Fort Magazine

In the second issue of The Pillow Fort Magazine:

Theme: FUN

– 20 submissions (articles, photography, recipes, poetry and more).

– Just some of the things inside: More ideas to have fun with chronic illness than you could possibly ever try, Is Your Illness Secretly a Superpower? 5 Superheroes with Chronic Illness, rainbows + unicorns, meditations, an agony aunt page, Black Forest Cheesecake Swirl recipe + face mask bonus, yoga and more!

– 62 beautiful, individually designed pages


The Pillow Fort Magazine

In the first issue of The Pillow Fort Magazine:

Theme: New beginnings

– Just some of the things inside: travelling with chronic illness; improving your mornings; yoga stretches; adjusting to temporary remission; the effects of invisible illness; the fantasy of fresh starts; and readjusting dreams.

– 46 beautiful, individually designed pages

Only £3. (About $4.7)



I want!

photo credit: monettenriquez via photopin cc