A link from a friend, an Internet trail and how I got my excitement for life back


In May this year, my friend linked me to Conquering Fear Spiritually. She’s into Lifestyle Design and I’d asked her if she knew of any blogs that dealt specifically with Lifestyle Design and disability/chronic illness. Lots of the messages in Lifestyle Design didn’t feel applicable to me: ‘you can do whatever you want!’, but at the same time there was something very appealing about building life and work around yourself and what you wanted/needed.

So, there I was looking at Conquering Fear Spiritually. Katie, the blogger, had got better from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  But it was all the things at the side of her blog that caught my eye. There was a link to the Hay House Summit, Dr Lissa Rankin and Leonie Dawson’s Amazing Biz and Life Academy. A little while after I started following Conquering Fear Spiritually, Katie wrote a post on self-love and included links to other blogs such as In Spaces BetweenSuch Different Skies and Wild Sister. And that was it… I was off on a trail around the internet. All of these blogs were talking about empowerment, self-love, weird health ideas I’d never come across, life lessons, happiness, inspiration, authenticity, solopreneurship and blogging as a career. I joined mailing list after mailing list; my inbox filling up with free goodies, positivity and love.

I think the last time I felt such excitement and confidence that I’d found ‘my place’ in the world was when I discovered zines. But it was slightly different this time. I was going to have to put in some work to get the most out of all these amazing resources I’d uncovered. These blogs give me the confidence to create my own life on my terms. I don’t need an online business I can run from anywhere. It’s ok to be honest and authentic about my health, and how things make me feel. It’s ok, and necessary, to let go of a lot of things in the past; I just don’t need them anymore.

I wanted to start a blog. I wanted to connect with ‘my tribe’. I wanted to share all these ideas I was reading about. I wanted to carve out a place in this community I’d found for young people with chronic health problems. With just a little adaption, it would be a perfect home.

I started to become interested in spirituality (something that I always rolled my eyes at in the past). I suspended judgement of ‘woo woo’ ideas until I’d properly given them a chance. Mainstream/medical healthcare hadn’t done much for me, there was no harm in trying out other stuff. I found comfort in books such as Louise Hay’s classic ‘You Can Heal Your Life(although obviously I’d never heard of it previously and had no idea it was a classic) and Spirited.

Ultimately, I just got my excitement for life back. Things could get better for me. Perhaps my physical health is pretty much the same, but my mental health has improved drastically with all the inspiration, gratitude, positivity, encouragement and support I’ve absorbed and received. I can honestly say, that without finding all these blogs and websites (oddly many of which are actually Australian), The Pillow Fort would not be here today.

When was the last time you went on a glorious internet trail? What sort of websites? Where did it lead you to?

internet inspiration

1. Conquering Fear Spiritually, 2. Amazing Biz & Life Academy, 3. In Spaces Between, 4. Dr. Lissa Rankin, 5. Such Different Skies, 6. You Can Heal Your Life, 7. Wild Sister, 8. The Puttytribe, 9. Build A Little Biz