Highlights of my 2013

Highlights of my 2013

Highlights of my 2013

– Found a happy relationship with my wonderful girlfriend. Love her so much. Also love that we do stuff together: Pride, Zine Fests, Roller Derby, Christmas Markets, Panto, etc.

This was us at Bonfire Night.

This was us at Bonfire Night.

– Started my own business (The Pillow Fort).

– Was awarded the Ordo Caligulae by University of Nottingham Students’ Union.

University of Nottingham Students' Union Ordo

My best friend and I at the Prizes and Awards Ceremony with my silver boot award.

– Finally let go of student politics and being a student.

– Started volunteering at Nottingham Women’s Centre for 2 hours a week which I love.

– Got my distro off 8 month hiatus and rebranded it (new logo and new website).

marching stars zine distro

– Got Betty the evil hamster.

– Joined The Puttytribe (and was made an Ambassador!), Amazing Biz and Life Academy and Wild Sisterhood. I love these communities and the support I receive from them.

Found a world of positive and inspiring websites I now can’t imagine life without.

– Discovered lifestyle design and online business resources galore! My faves are here.

– Enjoyed fantastic new TV (Orange is the New Black, Orphan Black, Nashville, Masters of Sex and more!)

– Mental health improved hugely, probably to the best it’s ever been. I prioritised myself and my sanity for the first time in years.

– Was put in the Work Related Activity Group for Employment and Support Allowance (disability benefits) after an 11 month ordeal.

– Read some awesome, inspiring, probably life-changing books such as:


Feel free to add me on Goodreads!

– Had a lovely trip to Edinburgh to stay with my Godmother.

– Learnt loads more about mind/body/spirituality/energy, despite having always thought it a load of nonsense before. (The jury is still out… currently suspending judgement and having a play!

– Regularly baked, particularly gluten free cakes for my Coeliac girlfriend!

gluten free cupcakes

gluten free tiffin

– Became co-Editor for ME Self Help Nottingham’s newsletter.

– Had wonderful weekends away for my girlfriend and I’s birthdays (in September and October). We had to change plans for my birthday as I was too ill, but even just staying away in a hotel nearby for a night was absolutely wonderful <3 For my girlfriend’s birthday we went to West Midlands Safari Park and I fed an antelope out the car window!

My mum writes letters to send out with Christmas cards each year, and was asking me what I wanted to say about my life this year. I concluded: “Dropped out my masters. Opened The Pillow Fort. Got happy. Still ill.”

How was your 2013?