Plans for 2014

words for 2014

So, 2013 was actually pretty great, but I feel as though that was entirely unintentional… plus it didn’t take much to beat how awful 2012 was.

I have spent the last few weeks planning the hell out of 2014. I’m not doing resolutions, I’m doing broader goals. I have no intention of suddenly changing anything on Tuesday. I’m not going to beat myself up about days when I don’t manage any of my morning/evening routine goals, it’s not worth it.

Having been introduced to the world of lifestyle design, and positivity, and all that magical sparkly stuff, I’ve had a multitude of wonderful 2014 workbooks and planners to choose from. Scroll down to the bottom for my top picks!

My plans for 2014:

words for 2014

Firstly, my guiding words are calm and routine. In 2013 my words were simplify and self-care. I find having words for the year very grounding and helpful. When I’m not quite sure what to do, I return to these words and try and realign myself with them.

I also recently read/did Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul, which was perfect to do right before my 2014 planning. If you’re not familiar with it, the basic premise is that we should do things based on if they make us feel good and our Core Desired Feelings. Watch this super short trailer:

Anyway, I did The Desire Map and I came out with the following Core Desired Feelings:

Calm – I want a calm, tidy living space. I want a calm, clutter-free mind. I want to feel the blissful kind of calm in my life. I don’t want to be doing things causing me stress that have a negative impact on my physical and mental health. I want to meditate more. I want to be able to sit quietly and not feel the need to constantly be checking my email. I want more Internet Free Weekends. I want to get enough sleep. I want to continue practicing self-care, baking regularly and gentle exercise. I want to try new relaxation, such as float tanks.

Secure – I want to feel secure in my friendships and relationship. I want to feel secure financially. I want to feel secure in my place in the world/Universe. I want to develop rituals and practices that help me feel secure and comforted.

Helpful – I want to feel helpful, I adore being helpful and offering various bits of information and knowledge I’ve picked up over the years. I want to do ‘work’ that has a positive impact on other people. I want to help with activism. I want to be helpful and not be the leader. I want to freely offer my help and time.

Open – I want to be open and honest. I want to be open to trying new healing. I want to be open to making new friends and doing new things. I want to be open to new opportunities, even if they come at short notice or not exactly in the package I imagined. I want to be open to miracles. I want to be more open about mental health and sexuality and the stuff that no-one talks about. I want to deepen my friendships and prioritise in-person socialising and talking about the ‘real stuff’.

Evolution – (This isn’t quite the right word, but never mind). I want to invest in myself and my personal/spiritual development. I want to do more creative things and find out what I’m capable of. I want to maybe work with someone who can help me get past the inevitable ‘blocks’ I have with my health now.

Alive – I want to feel alive. This is perhaps the biggest one for me. I want to feel alive physically and mentally. I want to experience things that make me happy, and feel connected to other people. I want to eat more healthily and stop making unreasonable demands on my body that make me feel physically broken. I want to learn more about energy healing, reiki, crystals, things like that, and see what affect it has on how my body feels.

So, with those Core Desired Feelings in mind, below are my 2014 plans, loosely grouped into 4 categories.

* I do have more plans than this, but some I don’t really want to share with the whole world, ya’know?*


1. Introduce a morning routine which involves not checking email/facebook/twitter/Instagram/Wordfeud in bed on my phone. Do some things before the laptop gets turned on.

2. Better establish an evening routine. Laptop off an hour or so before I intend to sleep.

3. Meditate most days (preferably morning). Andrew Johnson is my current favourite for guided meditations.

4. Unsubscribe from as many newsletters and junk emails as possible

5. Volunteer once a week at Nottingham Women’s Centre

6. Continue Best Things Diary/Gratitude Diary most days

7. Try and do 10+ minutes of gentle exercise most days. This is most likely to be in the form of The 10 Minute Daily Invigorator, which suits me perfectly.

8. Sort out my sleep and stick to a schedule as much as possible

9. Read more (goal is 10 books for the year, which should be manageable).

10. Check email only twice a day

11. Write card/letter every fortnight


Physical/Mental Health + Spirituality

1. Try flotation tank

2. Massage every 3 months

3. Have reiki every 3 months

4. Get attuned to reiki level 1

5. Invest (time/money) in developing myself skills. Don’t just spend money on superficial things

6. Reduce electrical/technology in my bedroom and see if it improves my sleep/health

7. Work towards coming off all medicine (this is huge and probably not achievable, but it is my end goal!)

8. Have bedroom clean and calming/clutter-free

9. Spend a week technology free

10. Have Internet free weekends every month

11. Learn more about feng shui

12. Work with someone (life coachy perhaps – the dream is Tara Bliss!)

13. Bake/cook something new at least once a month

14. Do something creative at least once a month

15. Learn to dance (like Strictly type dancing)

16. Play around with oracle/tarot cards

17. Learn more about crystal healing

18. Long list of courses/things I’d like to work through including: Goddess Haven, 10 Day Declutter, The Comparison Cure, Courageous Living Program, At Home Yoga Retreat, SEO Training, From Idea to Ebook, 33 Challenge, 21 Days of Abundance, The Declaration of You, Momentum Kickstarter, Build A Framework, Get Unstuck, Business Goddess and more! I’ve acquired so many amazing resources this year and I need to start implementing them!


Come off Employment and Support Allowance (basically make some money!)

1. Increase distro takings by 150%.

2. Write an ebook

3. Devise an e-course

4. Write 10 blog posts. (I’m planning to write at least 52… but the goal is 10!)

5. Design a website. Maybe paid, maybe not. I’d like to improve my skills in this area, to the point where I could potentially make websites for people professionally.

6. The Pillow Fort mailing every month.

7. Write 6 guest blog posts.

8. Create 12 new products for The Pillow Fort (physical, online, whatever).

9. Produce 3 issues of The Pillow Fort magazine.



1. Watch all of Buffy.

2. Back up phone.

3. Go through notes on kindle.

4. Organise laptop files/folders

5. Write for Wild Sister magazine

6. Write for Spill The Zines

7. Try out Nottingham WI

8. Go away for 2+ nights with girlfriend

9. Go on holiday with girlfriend

10 Stay with Aunt in France

11. Go to Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

12. Go to a roller disco

13. Go to bingo

14. Get my eyebrows threaded

15. Put colour in my hair


Really, super big dream that probably won’t happen

1. Attend B-School


As promised, 2014 planners galore:

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What are your 2014 plans?