You’re all using Pocket, right?

using pocket

using pocket

If you’re not using Pocket, you need to get on that right now. 

I follow oodles of blogs and websites. Each day my feedly reader (RIP Google Reader) has maybe 20 posts I genuinely want to read. It’s overwhelming and stresses me out. I used to bookmark some, email myself some, put some in Evernote… until I found Pocket.

With the click of a button (the snazzy plugin on my Chrome browser), anything I want to go back and read later on is conveniently stored in one place. I can access this later on my laptop, my kindle or my phone.


  • No more not feeling up to reading something right now (helloooo brain fog!)
  • No more boring waits at the bus stop.
  • No more knowing you read a relevant article recently but forgetting where (Pocket allows you to search previous reads)
  • No more getting distracted by an interesting twitter link when you should be focusing on something else
  • Ability to catch up with blog articles on the go, even without wifi, because you can pre-download the content.

In addition, I can sort the various things I have pocketed by media type (video, article, etc), so that when I need to say… tidy my room, I can pop on a quick video in the background.

Oh, and it’s SUPER easy to share the articles/videos on facebook and twitter straight from Pocket. Share the knowledge people (or the cute cats gifs, ya’know… I like them too)!

You’re getting the picture that it’s quite possibly my favourite app evvverr… right??

Go check it out:

Do you already use Pocket? Might you now? Do you have a different system for staying on top of things you want to watch/read? Let me know in the comments below!