Listen to your body, it’s never wrong.

listen to your body

listen to your body

Last weekend I was meant to have a stall for marching stars zine distro at Sheffield Zine Fest. I’d been looking forward to it for months and spent several hours on Friday afternoon recording, pricing and packing up my stock.

I’d felt myself steadily getting more and more overwhelmed and stressed the week prior. I hadn’t meditated every day. I hadn’t exercised much.  I wasn’t sleeping so well. My head was getting full and I was feeling ‘meltdowny’. But Sheffield Zine Fest had been in the diary for months so I was doing my best to power on through.

Alarm went on Saturday morning.

Nope. No energy. Nothing.

Couldn’t get out of bed.

Body was having none of my plans to go anywhere.

After a bit of dithering, I admitted ‘defeat’ and cancelled going to the zine fest.

I spent the entire day in bed/on the sofa watching trashy TV with my girlfriend. It was lovely. It was exactly what I needed.

By evening the overwhelm and ‘my brain is too full’ were coming back. I was starting to feel ‘behind’ and like I’d wasted the day, not been productive.

I can’t believe this used to be my normal life?! But now that I know I can be genuinely happy and calm, I’m not prepared to go back to the overwhelm. My mental health is my priority. If my mental health is good, I’ve got so much more cope for my physical health.

Right. Ok. Gonna be proactive.

I started ruthlessly cutting things from my life and prioritising others:

  • Put all B-School work on hiatus
  • Focused on Uncage Your Business Next Level Shit (yup, that’s the actual name of this course)
  • Decided if I couldn’t make it to NUS Women’s Conference on Monday, the world definitely wouldn’t end.
  • Stopped notifications on a ton of facebook groups that were stressing me out.
  • Emailed my health coach with my current sugar-free elimination diet stresses.

Immediately I started to feel a little better. I was starting to clear space in my life and I could breathe a little. I felt a little calmer.

Every day, at 10pm, I log how I’ve overall felt that day. Just look what happened last week…

Mood Tracker App

4 iffy days in a row. This is the first time in 2014 that I’ve had iffy days at all!

I gotta get better at paying attention to how I’m feeling and taking proactive action. Tracking how I’m doing is one great way to do that… but I’ve got to actually look at the results!

And a related bonus life tip: If you’re honest with people about why you can’t do something or need to take breaks/cut things from your life, 99% of the time people are completely understanding. Often they admire you for prioritising your self-care/sanity! I posted in a couple of places that I wasn’t going to the zine fest/was taking a break from things, and everyone was so supportive <3

So there we go, listen to your body. Actually no, don’t just listen to your body…

Listen to your body and take proactive action on what it’s telling you. 

How do you listen to your body and how do you take proactive action with that information?