Showing the Universe I mean Business (literally and metaphorically)

The Pillow Fort - Showing the Universe I mean Business

The Pillow Fort - Showing the Universe I mean Business

You might have noticed a few subtle changes around here recently… a few products have gone, launch of the Pillow Fighters Club, an updated About page, a new ‘New Here?’ page and more.

The reason? I took a course. Uncage Your Business to be precise.

Uncage Your Business

I’ve been in the awesome facebook community Uncaged Lifers for a while. It’s full of people, like me, trying to creating a business on their own terms. People trying to create a business that fits around their own lives. Maaaany of them are coaches, designers, and other service-based providers, but I’ve still learnt loads about running an online business regardless. Our fearless leader, Rebecca Tracey, runs her flagship course, Uncage Your Business (UYB), every other month. I’d never given it much thought before. It was expensive and didn’t seem relevant to me or The Pillow Fort.

I’m not sure what changed, but something did.

Mid-January I was getting seriously overwhelmed with The Pillow Fort. The magazine had been a huge success, along with my spoons in glass jars necklace/keyring. But something else hadn’t yet clicked into place… I’d lost my way.


After a lovely voicemail from Rebecca answering my questions, I found myself signing up to the February round of UYB. I’ve done loads of online business courses before… some might say I was a course junkie! But Rebecca promised to break that addiction with her secret magic (and, in my case, missing!) ingredient, clear messaging.

A week or so later I received a surprise gift in the mail, a beautiful necklace with my initial and a bird, plus a little note from Becca.

(Top hint: Surprise sending me beautiful jewellery in the mail is the way to my heart!)

Due to my financial investment in the course, I fully showed up. I did the daily Truth or Dare challenges, spoke up on the twice weekly group coaching calls, and generally worked really hard to get the most possible out of it. I also treated myself to a nice new notebook.

download (1)

(Top tip: If treating yourself to something nice + new will help you actually follow through on doing something (keeping a diary, doing a course,daily meditation, whatever), do it.)

It was awesome. Rebecca cuts through the crap and doesn’t sugar coat things. She made my uncomfortable and pushed me outside my comfort zone. I got more shit done last month than probably in the entire time since I first had the idea for The Pillow Fort almost a year ago.


So what did I learn/realise and what does this mean for The Pillow Fort?

  • The focus is now loud and proud on young people with chronic illness living happy, positive  and rich lives.
  • I’m embracing my ‘bigger picture message’ of really, truly believing that wallowing in chronic illness doesn’t help.
  • I’m embracing my ‘expert’ status. Yes, I have chronic illness. No, I haven’t got everything figured out at allll. BUT I am so much happier than how I was living a few years ago, and I know I’ve got to share that information with other people.
  • This isn’t about healing or recovering, or anything like that. This is about living life to the max as it currently is. It’s totally possible.

I cannot tell you how goooood it feels to have this sort of clarity for The Pillow Fort. I am so excited for the future and what I can/will do with this. Hope you’ll be sticking around!

P.S. Things might be a teeny bit slower over the next 2 months as I’m actually doing my ‘Really, super big dream that probably won’t happen‘ and have enrolled in B-School.

You guys, I am seriously showing the Universe that I mean business with The Pillow Fort.

What are you showing the Universe you’re completely serious about, and how are you letting it know?