A website, a blog post & a bonus – March 2014

The Pillow Fort

Welcome to a new monthly feature on The Pillow Fort: A website, a blog post & a bonus!

It’s pretty self explanatory really… but in the last week of each month I’ll be posting an interesting website, blog post & a little something extra from my internet travels. Enjoy!

The Pillow Fort

A Website


Coffitivity streams the ambient noise of a coffee shop to your desktop or device to boost your creativity.

Or, if you’re like me, you just like the sound of being ‘around people’, ya’know?

A Blog Post


This month’s blog post is a powerful and honest post from Jen Saunders of Wild SisterI’m Coming Out of the Autism ClosetIt’s quite a long read, but absolutely fascinating and so brave. I’ve a few Aspergers boys in my life, but as far as I know, no women. I also adore Jen’s positive outlook on her new diagnosis and her determination to be a positive role model for women and girls on the Autism Spectrum.

A Bonus

We spend far too much time focusing on what we can’t do and what we do wrong… just a short video from the wonderful Gabby Bernstein suggesting/reminding us to focus on our gifts and talents instead.