6 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

spring clean your life

It’s kinda, sorta, nearly Spring here in the UK, and I wanted to share a few things I’m doing to ‘Spring Clean’ my life.

Because I work from home, and don’t have an office, I spend an awful lot of time in bedroom, looking at either my laptop or my phone. It can easily become overwhelming… which gets stressful. Hence a little Spring Clean!

spring clean your life


1. Get rid of books you’ve had for years and not read

I don’t know about you, but piles of unread books stress me out. They make me feel ‘behind’. What I’ve done is carefully go through all the books on my bookshelf and take out any that have sat there for years… unread.

But… but… books!” I can hear you squealing. Seriously, go check on Amazon or Play.com and see how much it would cost you to replace this book should you decide one day you simply must read it. If it’s less than a couple of £s/$s, donate it to a charity shop.

I have a List in Amazon too of ‘books I used to own’. I never look at it except to update it with new books I’m getting rid of.

Seriously, the world will not end if you part with some books… and you’ll probably feel a lot freer and calmer as a result!



2. Clear out medicine/toiletries

Have you got loads of medicine you used to take? Or even worse… past its use before date? Chuck it. (And by chuck it I mean take it to the pharmacy to be disposed of properly).

Not just medicines, but all sorts of other lotions, potions, make up, things that have separated in the bottle, clumpy mascara, perfume you never liked the smell of anyway – just chuck it.


3. Unused apps on your phone/laptop

I got into this ridiculous habit a couple of years ago of downloading random apps on my phone when I couldn’t sleep. Go through your phone and computer and delete all the apps and programs that you never use. Then give the whole system a big clean. It’ll work faster, and you’ll have to scroll through less nonsense to find what you’re actually looking for.

I use CCleaner on my laptop and Clean Master on my android phone… but it’s just personal preference/what I’ve come across.


4. Unsubscribe from emails

Going through emails is tiring. Make sure you’re only getting ones you actually want to read. It can take a little while, but unsubscribing from stuff is worth it in the long run.

Try Unroll.me if your inbox is completely out of control with subscriptions. Hopefully you won’t unsubscribe from The Pillow Fort though! 😉


5. Sort your medical papers

Do you pile up all your doctors’ letters and appointment letters too? They’re horrible, I know. But set aside some time to sort them out, or at least bunch similar ones together. You know I’m talking sense and it’ll save you time/effort/worry down the line.

Here’s what mine currently look like… still got this bit of Spring Cleaning to do!

medical papers, forms and letters


6. Social Media Cull

I try to do these semi-regularly, as all sorts of people from weird parts of my life just sort of ‘stay’ on my facebook and twitter. If you’re prone to having more facebook friends than you could possibly actually know, friend culls can be super liberating. For facebook, I use the mobile site on my laptop for one click unfriending!

Also, don’t forget twitter, tumblr, whatever else. It can be so easy to find yourself following hundreds of people you just don’t care about. Make sure you’re only giving your attention (and energy!) to people/organisations/businesses you actually care about. Danielle LaPorte knows what I’m talking about…unnamed (8)

If you do decide to tackle any of these areas of your life, make sure you take your time and pace yourself. I love Unfuck Your Habitat‘s 20/10 way of doing things, but you can adjust that to whatever works for you.

Tried any of these? Report back! Before + after pictures are the best, but I’d love to hear how many things you got rid of too and how it made you feel.

Any other areas of your life that you could do with Spring Cleaning?