Why it’s not too late to have a Word of the Year

Do you have a Word of the Year?

Or perhaps a better question is ‘Did you have a Word of the Year?’?

Yes? No? Not sure? You forgot?

I’m here to give you permission to either create or review your Word of the Year.

Word of the Year

Late 2012, after a year of horrible depression, and before I discovered the more positive side of the blog world, I decided that my 2013 was going to be all about simplifying and self-care. I treated them like mantras and held on to them for dear life when things got overwhelming and I didn’t know what to do. It saved me so much energy in making decisions because I’d already decided my focus and direction.

How could I simplify this? In this situation, which choice is an act of self-care and which isn’t? 

Having a Word (or two) of the Year can be freeing.

Having a Word (or two) of the Year can be gently supportive.

Having a Word (or two) of the Year can help you make decisions in line with your bigger life vision.

And it’s not too late. We’re only just over 1/4 of the way through 2014. Maybe the last 3 months have gone well, maybe they haven’t. If you made lots of plans at the start of the year, go back and review them. Do they still ‘feel right’? If not, change them.

I wrote a whole post about 2014 planning right here. And it’s still just as applicable today, 17th April.

My plans have changed. The Pillow Fort has changed. My priorities have changed. But that’s ok.

So, my 2014 words? Calm and routine.

I’m doing alright on the calm. My life is calm(er). I am calm(er).

Routine is harder… but I’m working on it. 3 months in and I’m realising I need flexible routine, not rigid routine. Sounds simple, but that’s a big realisation.

Routine needs to come from me, not what everyone else does for their morning routine or whatever. I’m trying to take Tara Bliss’ advice about this.

words for 2014

Want to make your word(s) into a pretty graphic too? Try Canva or picmonkey.

What’s your Word of the Year? How’s it going? I’d love for you to let me know in the comments!