A website, a blog post & a bonus – April 2014

A Blog Post

A Website

London Kitty Cane

London Kitty Cane

This website is from one of our very own Pillow Fighters, London.

London explained to me: “have just begun a new internet persona that is all about spreading invisible illness awareness in a cute kawaii way! London Kitty Cane! “kitty” because its kawaii (kawaii is a japanese culture I am also trying to spread worldwide, for the sake of making sad things happy, like illness!). And “cane” because sometimes, I have to use a cane from the pain!

London writes about kawaii, chronic illness, having Asperger’s and more. Check it out.

You can’t help but find London’s super cute and upbeat energy contagious, and I’m excited to see where she takes this project in the future!

Check out this AMAZING video explaining Spoon Theory:

A Blog Post

Revision Tips (for Spoonies, kinda)

Another post from one of our Pillow Fighters (aren’t they an amazing bunch?!)… and this one’s stuffed full of revision tips. If you’re under a mountain of revision, definitely go check this blog post out!


A Bonus


More Magic, All the Time: 20 Ways to Create Your Best Life Ever

(Ok, so you do have to subscribe to In Spaces Between’s mailing list… but 1) it’s amazing and 2) you could always unsubscribe).

Now, I’ve read significantly more than my fair share of online resources. In the internet world, everyone and their cat gives away a free PDF thingy when you sign up. This is the one I keep returning to though. This is the one that is just filled with such love and hope and optimism. It’s got absolutely nothing to do with chronic illness, but the ideas within it transcend that easily. I couldn’t recommend it more highly, and it’s free!

If you do love More Magic, All the Time, then maybe take a look at Rachel and Tara’s stunning (paid) ebook, Spirited.


What’s been rocking your world this past month?