Review: ‘Prepping Your Kitchen for Plant-Based Wellness’ by Grace Quantock

Plant Based Wellness

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Prepping Your Kitchen for Plant-Based Wellness by Grace Quantock

Plant Based WellnessAt its base, this ebook provides a quick guide to healthier eating and living, but it also does a little more than that. It gets you to start looking into your habits, how you want to feel, and to take a good hard look at what is actually in your pantry in the first place. With a few quick and easy exercises to help you understand some of your feelings around food and health, and how they are connected, this ebook goes beyond the usual cookbook basics and really starts to get you more involved.

I really enjoyed Quantock’s gentle and happy approach to a lot of what she wrote about, whilst also being clear about what needed to be done to move towards a plant-based diet. The ebook is filled with tips and recommendations on how to stick to a healthier diet, up to and including a list of quick and easy foods that take much of the effort out of eating well.

The layout is bright and flows well, and is interspersed with beautiful photos of amazing looking food, and some of the equipment you might need. Quantock has done a good job of using lists to make everything seem a lot easier – including lists of foods and utensils best avoided. The ebook also provides a page to print out and plan your meals, a few easy recipes, and some links to where you can find equipment and ingredients for your new lifestyle (mostly based in the UK, from what I could tell).

While this ebook is relatively short, it is packed with information and things to think about. I think this ebook would definitely suit someone just starting out on a plant-based diet, or looking to investigate a little further into that world. For those who already have a fair idea of this sort of the diet – those who may have ventured into that world in the past – this can be a good refresher with its thoughtful exercises. The only thing I’d recommend is that those who undertake the full diet as listed by Quantock pay attention to what their body says, as everyone’s digestive system is different!

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