2014 Roundup: My 3 Best Investments

2014 Roundup: My 3 Best Investments

This blog post is part of a series of 2014 Roundup posts coming at you over the next few weeks.

I think taking time to review and reflect is really important’; both for consciously creating your future, but also celebrating just how far you’ve come.

Now, I know what you’re thinking ‘investment’ is probably not the sort of word you really worry about much when you have a chronic illness… but as someone who’s started a business to fit around my unique life and needs, 2014 has really shown me just how flawed this thinking can be!

Investing in myself (yes, financially), has meant 2014 has been one of my happiest years ever. Considering I’ve been on disability benefits most of the year, and generally had no real direction in my life, this is quite a big statement. Something shifted in 2014, and I feel like a completely new person. The world feels shiny and full of possibility again. This blog post shares with you some of the key investments I made that I credit this happy year/me too.

The Health Investment

Holistic Health Coach, Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams Greenlight Holistic Healing Health CoachAt the start of this year I worked with a fantastic holistic health coach, Ashley Williams, on her 1:1 Ready to Heal program. Over the past 8 years of being unwell I’ve tried numerous weird and wonderful things to help improve my health, but weirdly never my diet.

I’ve been a strict vegetarian since I was 17 (about 9 months after I initially became unwell), but didn’t exactly eat many veggies…

4 months of working with Ashley, and I was off all my pain medication (and anti-depressants).

And now, 11 months after working with her, I’m off all prescribed medication, including migraine stuff I’ve been taking for years!

At this point, I don’t consider myself to have fibromyalgia or depression anymore. I also only say I have ‘mild Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’. I’ve been making a shit load of other positive changes in my life (and head), sure, but it would be wrong of me not to give Ashley a serious chunk of the credit.

My relationship to food has changed, permanently. There’s definitely still occasional days when I accidentally eat an entire packet of cookies, but for the most part I now make much better choices about what I’m going to put in my body. I know the effect different foods will have and I can make informed decisions.

I’ve never had much of a problem ‘investing’ in my self-care, or ready meals when I’m wiped out, or DVDs to keep me company for days and weeks stuck in bed, but investing in a health coach was scary. Ashley without a doubt has changed my health and life forever though, and if you’re looking for big changes in 2015, she may well be your girl!

Also highly recommended, and free, Ashley’s awesome podcast: Green is the New Black.

Greenlight Holistic Healing Ashley Williams Green is the New Black

The Life Investment

Denise Duffield-Thomas

Denise Duffield-Thomas Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp reviewI’ve fangirled about Denise Duffield-Thomas for a while now. She’s sort of a life coach, with a particular focus on money. She’s all about manifestation and Law of Attraction, but with virtually no woo-woo and just practical, common sense advice.

When I signed up to do B-School in March, I also joined Denise’s Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp (which I’d been wanting to do since I read Denise’s book: Get Rich, Lucky Bitch).

So here’s the thing(s):

  • The Money Bootcamp is awesome, but not wildly different from the book.
  • The facebook group of 1200+ women is quite possibly my favourite facebook group. I’m probably in 100+ facebook groups, and run 2 of my own (Pillow Fighters Club and Entrepreneurs with Chronic Illness) so this is saying something! The vibe is like Pillow Fighters Club, but not about illness, and more about money and living a fabulous life. I hardly ever post or comment, but if I need a little pick me up, it’s where I go (along with PFC). Post after post of positive, grateful, excited, fabulous people!
  • Tucked away in the bonuses of the Money Bootcamp is a 5 part audio Lucky Bitch Manifesting Course.

This. Changed. My. Life. 

I’d read all her books, watched all her videos, and been through the Money Bootcamp, but something about this 6 hour audio course caused something to click. I listened to it in August and only partially did the excercise. My life is basically unrecognisable right now from how it was in August and I fully believe that Manifesting Course was the turning point.

Life-changing things I have learnt (and acted on!) from Denise, in no particular order:

– Having a regular gratitude practice is essential.

– Forgiveness for all sorts of shit in the past is essential so you can move on with your life in the future. I got stuck in a world of coulds, shoulds and what ifs. It wasn’t helping.

– You’ve got to actively make room for what you want in your life. Good stuff won’t come in if there’s no room for it.

– If you don’t know what you want, you’re definitely not going to get it. This was a really big one for me. If you’ve not decided what your focus is (your goals/plans/intentions/etc), then how on earth are you going to make progress towards them?

– The Law of Incremental Upgrades. I love this. Instead of wishing and hoping our lives were shiny and perfect, we should ever so slowly ‘upgrade’ different bits of them. Things I’ve ‘upgraded’ this year include: my purse (it’s gold and makes me feel good!); the quality of food I eat; my bedding (it’s so soft and comfy now!); and my computer (still second hand, but it’s a desktop and works so much better than a dying laptop!).

Denise Duffield-Thomas Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp review
Now that I genuinely feel like I’m creating the world around me with my thoughts and actions (it’s a woo idea but Denise breaks it down in such a common sense way), life is so much fun! I’m always telling the Universe what I want, and trusting that with a bit of action on my part, things are going to work out great.

Do you know how comforting and supporting it is to genuinely believe that everything is going to be okay? Denise, Tara Bliss and Gabby Bernstein, have all brought a sense of ease and flow to my life that I never thought possible. They’ve given me the tools to live easily despite external circumstances.

My external circumstances are pretty much exactly how they used to be, worse even, but I’m genuinely content and calm inside like never before. It’s pretty much magic.

There’s almost definitely going to be some blog posts on my changing relationship to spirituality in the very near future, but for now, I can’t recommend Denise (Tara or Gabby B) enough. Denise is by far the least woo-woo of the three, but her common sense and practical approach to ‘luck’ articulates so well a feeling I’ve had since I was little, but I’d lost somewhere along the way.

I’m proud to be one of Denise’s Lucky Bitches, and I’d love if you’d come join me in her world!

The Business Investment

Uncage Your Business

In February 2014 I made my largest financial investment to date on a group coaching business course called Uncage Your Business.

I wrote a blog post all about that: Showing the Universe I mean Business (literally and metaphorically)

The Pillow Fort - Showing the Universe I mean Business


So, there you have it, my 3 best investments of 2014!

Have you invested in yourself in 2014? If so, what and how’d it go?

Orrrr, do you have plans for investment in 2015?

Share your answers in the comments below!