Daily Archives: 8 April 2015

My Leadership Journey (complete with chronic illness hurdles)

In November last year, I had the honour of being invited to speak at the Common Purpose Frontrunner for Disabled Students course - a 3 day leadership course. It was really special to be back, because I actually took the course myself in 2012 AND this was my first opportunity to meet some Pillow Fighters in real life! I was invited to speak at a session titled 'I Made A Difference', where people come in to share personal stories of leading in different situations, highlighting what made me want to change things and step up as a leader, and how I have gone about making things happen. I thought I was part of a panel debate session, but it turned out it was just me for 45 mins! I opened with the following prepared speech, and then went to a Q&A. It was such fun and I left on such a high. Loads of people came up to me afterwards, and it was really inspiring how many people connected to different parts of my story. (more…)

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