Roundup of the Thriving #PillowParty

So I think it's safe to say the very first #PillowParty to celebrate the launch of the Thriving issue of The Pillow Fort Magazine was a huge success!  (more…)

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An A-to-Z of Self-Care: Part 2

This post is by Chase, and is the 2nd half of an article available in the Self-Care Issue of The Pillow Fort Magazine. Like it and want to read the rest? Get you hands on the magazine here! (more…)

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Redefining Fun

This is a guest post by Kimberley. It's a taste of the sort of articles in The Pillow Fort Magazine. The 2nd 'FUN' issue is available now!  Watch any TV show based about young people having fun and, more often that not, you are going to see three things : casual sex, copious amounts of alcohol being consumed and people taking drugs. You might also encounter pressure to behave in this way in order to have fun from a surprising number of sources including elder family members (parents are really good at this. All glory days nostalgia), friends (peer pressure dun dun dun) and other forms of media like magazines, music, books for young adults, etc. Taken all together, it can begin to seem like having fun is something that should be X rated once you reach your latter teens. It can feel like taking part in these things is the only way to ensure you don't waste your youth, that you don't waste the time you have with no responsibilities and few worries. If you are prone to bouts of worry, you can even begin to see yourself as an elderly person sitting fuming at yourself for not making the most of your youth. (more…)

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